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Luxurious and sensual fragrance with rich dark trace of black orchid and spices, modern and timeless. On top of that it's not long lasting and has weak spillage.. Of course it does matter your chemistry that day , but if keeping with the cool wintery months I see no issue , would not wear this in the heat of summer ~ One thing that had me in stitches is my kitty Pasha rubs herself on or tries to lick my wrist after a spritz of this .

" It remains to be said that Black Orchid is long lasting and with wide spread aura. She goes back a few times until I have to pull her away , or stand up if sitting down .

Faint hints of spice, but that sweetness from the chocolate and vanilla really are the players in this scent.

Those mixed with the florals can make this feminine, but the EDP to me and as to other men, is quite pleasing and wear-worthy.

" A scent that I was excited for after all of the hype. If people don’t like it, they can get off the bus at the next stop. This was on my perfume tray this past month, so I've worn it for the first time in almost a year a handful of times this month.

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It's so unusual and so uniquely sexy and well-balanced with the sweetness of the floral and chocolate notes. From this beautiful perfume I get a warm, sumptuous sweetness with a lot of patchouli.As the icing on the cake, my husband loves it when I wear it. I’m not going to try to get over-complicated or pretentious about the notes because I want to keep my appreciation of this one simple. JPG Fleur Du Male and Utra Male are men’s fragrances right?I wore it to bed last night and he said "You smell f'n amazing! It’s nice and I like it, that’s all I need to know. I think Black Orchid is great and I’m going to wear it. Sillage - You know when a truck drives past you and it almost sucks you into the road? Peace out - Zoop I don't know what I can say that others haven't."This is not about an ordinary orchid, it's about something a little more strange and rare. She is a Lilac Point Siamese and extremely smart , plus she has excellent taste ~ /=^ } Black Orchid EDP I like this one. When I first ever smelled it a few years back, I was blown away but a bit overwhelmed by its richness and opulence as I had only just begun my fragrance journey and had quite the beginners nose.I wanted the blackest orchid, and those aren't easy to find." The perfume is luxurious and the product range includes Eau de Parfum in 50ml (at US) and 100ml (at US5) bottles, and limited edition of 5.000 15ml bottles of Parfum at US0. Buy Tom Ford Black Orchid at Price: .00 - .00 I have a leaky decant of this that's currently perfuming my's in my makeup bag but it's such strong stuff it really fills the room! I had to buy a full bottle and now I wear it several times a week, which is a lot for me! It was also midsummer at the time and a very hot day as I recall. Since then, I have encountered and enjoyed a fairly wide range of fragrances, albeit mainly within the genre of designer brands. The first impression is intense floral and spice, and the anise and allspice are pretty pronounced on my skin.


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