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I asked him last night if he was going to ignore me today and he said probably so I asked when he was going to speak to me again and he just said when he feels like it.He said everything I say is hateful poison =[ which isn't true.I have been stressed lately but am trying not to get too stressed.He ignored me this morning when he left for work as he fussed over our lb and then just walked out the door.I was stressed on Sunday as was doing about 10 things and didn't have any help.I know sometimes my tone of voice comes across as annoyed etc but not all the time and half the time I don't even notice so I think.think that's just how I talk..that makes sense.Anyway I messaged him a couple of times and he ignored me.

My ex used to do this whenever I did or said anything he disagreed with, its all a form of control to keep you in your place.

Give him his space when he is at home and just wait till he calms down.

But if he is still treating you like this tomorrow the.

I was seeing a guy but after we wanted different things we decided to just be friends.

Last time he spoke to me we had a minor disagreement but that was all sorted out and we were going to catch up.


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