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(Reuters) GENEVA — Swiss Muslims are opening up mosques across the European country to non-Muslims to enhance dialogue and clear misconceptions ahead of a controversial vote on minarets ban.

"To me it means opening myself up to others, to tell them that we as Muslims open our doors to you.

Dialogue "We hope these meetings will build a dialogue and better understanding," said Maizar.

(Google) Organizers say the open-day event aims to enhance dialogue and coexistence in the country.

Swiss Mosques Open for Non-Muslims Islam & News Agencies Many Swiss non-Muslims welcomed the initiative and flocked to the nearby mosques to get first-hand experience with Muslims.The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life report, three years in the making, is billed as the most comprehensive of its kind.Earlier estimates of the global Muslim population range from one billion to 1.8 billion, according to CNN."We expected 200 to 300, so we're very pleased with the turnout," said Ouansafi.The Day featured entertainment activities, games for children, free food and a panel discussion on coexistence in a pluralistic society."A lot of people reacted out of fear and ignorance,” said Ouansafi.


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