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This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break. The title explains that a connection can visit upon (unbidden) a couple which becomes a life-long irrevocable link – from a notion combining a number of cultural nuances.This myth is similar to the Western concept of soulmate or a destined flame. Partway through the film an old women in a Chilean market spoke that thought when she observed the two leads together informally. At the close of the film a post-script explanation is given amongst the credits.

During her childhood, she went to Instituto Corazón de María (up to 3rd year of high school, repeating that year, completing her secondary studies at ESBA Barrio Norte) and Divino Corazón de Jesús (only in 7th grade) located in the neighborhood of Palermo .

The difference in how the thread is experienced by each one is a strong theme in the film.

One is deliberately non-lovey in words and demeanour, and the other is palpably needy and longing.

A top film for those who love passionate romance well acted and thought- provoking and some great screen shots of location.

Eugenia was born in the City of Buenos Aires, and is the daughter of Guillermo Suárez and Marcela Riveiro Mitzumori. Her maternal grandmother, Marta Mitzumori was born in Argentina, and is of Japanese descent.


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