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Similar to how Christian Fundamentalism does it by not allowing women to become priests, Islamic fundamentalism just does it more and worse, even with the threat of death, and even for something as simple as driving an automobile, what clothes they choses to wear, a man shaving his beard... ^ You, sir, need a profile so's I can give you a "like".And screw Viagra, I wanna buy be several dozen boxes of them RED pills of yours, mon!Mexicans I know played the victim & spread their beaner ffilth to infect all of white people!! Take a vacation in California and know that jpeg is a stark reality. I agree that Daddykins lingering and lecturing clearly implies something...Anonymous: bunch of assholes this bitch is from salvador or somewere down mexico if you really know a real mexican girl youul shit on your white trash trousers that is if obama has taken it as your houses! They're always short, fat, ugly, with over-sized heads and round faces. Her family immigrated to mexico from LEBANON.: How derp can you be, wanking @ home with your door unlocked... Don't you know that many parents are inconsiderate and never knock? Tat: A former girlfriend had a 12 year old daughter.Still, I'm sure an alien could figure it out.: Also, the man and woman are to show what humans look like (obviously) and the raised hand is supposed to be a gesture of peace (though how this gesture is understood to be universal, idfk) and the thing behind them is an outline of the Seti probe, for size comparison.Nobody: Funny thing is, the representation at the bottom is of the sun 9 planets.The woman would have to be the same size as the man, to show they were equal.The woman would also need to be further away from the man, to show that she did not need him to fulfill herself.

The dandelion-like symbol to the left of the space craft and the man and woman is our sun at the center and its relative position to nearby stars.

but anyways, children, children, you know god gave a brain so you could educate yourself and think, and not memorize and repeat FOX news talking points Anonymous: im atheist and think that women in all religions are oppressed, especially islam, but i dont care about the hijab thats fine, but the burka is a load of shit,also saying "muslim women are the best in society" isnt true, only your hate mongering opinion, keep your mouth shut! Mary and Nuns do it voluntarily, not because of a law. Muslim women have to be respected for being humanitarians, or else the psycho men they are stuck with will eat all of their children.

MUSLIM=PEDOBEARAnon: Style of clothing verses something Moslem women HAVE to wear. Look at all the women in moslem nations, cannot drive in Saudi Arabia, clitorectomy in Djibutti(sp), and the list goes on.

We only have 8 so these are, essentially bum directions.

Visitors are either gonna get lost or think we're a bunch of idiots. Anonymous: If they made this plaque today, it would have to include someone from every race, disabled people, and transexuals.


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