Oompa loompa dating

I remember being so excited for my first spray tan on my 16th birthday that I refused to shower properly to tone down the mahogany hue. So much so that a few years later my friend printed the pictures of me and pinned them up next to an orange peel. You didn’t get our jokes the first night, didn’t want to join in all our whispering chatter, which got us told off, so the second night we whispered jokes about you.

Instead, I left the glowing O­ompa-Loompa shade alone, highlighted by my turquoise dress and matching eye shadow. I don’t remember what we said but the third night when it came to lights out you were nowhere to be found. We played ping-pong together, we set up a youth club together, we created a charity for disabled people together, and I cast him as the Dame in a ­pantomime I wrote. Which is why, I suppose, our mothers decided to give us ballroom dancing lessons.

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If that happened, they’d lose everything and two of the residents were selling their flats for just ,000 (£25,000).

My flatmate was going to buy one and advised me to snap up the other. I’ve made plenty of bad decisions but chalk most up to experience.

I had a miscarriage when Rosie was five years old, which was devastating.

Heavens, did I regret that when, nearly 60 years later, I was invited to appear on Strictly.

The first week I was given a waltz to learn, and to my relief I still remembered the heel lead, and managed quite a good rise and fall. Even after being diagnosed with it in 2014, I pretended it wasn’t happening.

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Google is our friend, and one of the most important aspects of being a friend is having a great sense of humor.


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