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Buying a home is an e emotional event, and fear often gets the better of buyers.The time to talk about all this stuff is before they purchase a home.If buyers and sellers are properly educated, the emotions are tamed, and the experience of the agent takes over.Each side has confidence they are being treated fairly and according to protocol.Buyers get ticky-tacky about little things and demand they are repaired.

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At the very least agents should be counseling buyers and sellers up-front as to expectations and the process once an offer comes in.More importantly, there isn’t a neutral party the buyer trusts counseling them on how to feel and act either.Invariably the deal blows up and both sides are more frustrated than ever.Learning on the job is not fun for buyer or seller. Either use an experienced agent with hundreds if not thousands of transactions experience, or someone on a team who has access to all that experience from a team leader.Experience isn’t costly, it’s priceless when you need it.Under the standard contract the seller is responsible for repairs up to 1.5% of purchase price for items like roof, water damage, heating, cooling, plumbing, septic, etc. And yet even with as-is contracts buyers ask for cosmetic repairs and get turned down and are left searching for another home.


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