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Send your testimonials to [email protected] NEW Winchester AA hull (refered to as High Strength or "HS" by Winchester) is a three-piece Reifenhauser-type design.

It consists of a brass head, an inner tapered base resembling a plastic cup and a straight length of extruded plastic tubing. The distance from the mouth to the top edge of the inner-base cup is 1.9".

Caravan delivery/collection is also available from your caravan supplier/ home address/ or your current storage provider.

Located 25 miles north of downtown San Diego, nestled inside the quiet town of Rancho Bernardo, lies one of the best-kept secrets in the county, and a slice of San Diego history.

This allows for a maximum wad length of 1.4" (with a 0.5" crimp depth) with a bit of wad compression.

(Note: Wad compression does not consist of ramming the wad into the hull with thirty pounds (or more) pressure.

For this reason, the AAHS requires new loading information, outlined here with specific wad recommendations.

ONCE-FIRED HULLS STOCK: We try to keep once-fired hulls in stock, but sources for used products can be unreliable at times.

Because they are new, they will give you more loadings.Winery and Village tucked away in the hills of North County, San Diego.We offer wine tasting, a village of unique shops, beautiful gardens and a little slice of the old country.Your vehicle will then be ready on your pitch, waiting for you on arrival.Ad-hock storage is sometimes available, please call us on 01271 813 837 for availability and pricing.Above: Super Kit features 7-bolt driver-side and 8-bolt passenger-side engine bracket, pair of Ultra-Flex Rubber motor mounts, and all Grade 8 (M10.9) hardware. Prevents or repairs broken engine block thread bosses or sheared bolts. Here are more reasons to trust your Jeep to Brown Dog.


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