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Petersen shipped the first PE1A program EQ's in June 1985.John was inspired by the principles behind fine classic tube-based processors, such as Pultec and Teletronic.

A romantic weekend break conjures up thoughts of four poster beds, seductive suites, outdoor hot tubs and hotels with a jacuzzi in the room.

” Another female worker said many staff found it deeply distressing to know that bodies had been hidden from the public in cupboards.

She explained: “I know that we’ve got a store cupboard that we put the bodies in and there is one station supervisor who will not go in that cupboard at all.” Another worker added: “We’ve even heard of situations where cleaners come down to get a mop or a bucket or whatever and there’s some poor unfortunate person’s body in there.” A spokesman for London Underground explained workers were offered support and counselling should they need it.

The spokesman said: “Following agreed procedures, a body may be moved to a secure room within the station to await collection by undertakers.

We believe our staff do a fantastic job in responding to such difficult circumstances and they are offered counselling support, if necessary.” Confessions from the Underground will be broadcast on Channel 4 on February 2 at 10pm.


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