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The film follows the title character, an aging homeless man whose nomadic lifestyle takes him from Glasgow to London each December.This year's trip is more of an odyssey, with Hector meeting strangers and folks from his past, all ready to remind him of the full scope of life.

For Christmas, Billy (Zach Galligan) receives an adorable "mogwai" as a pet. When the inevitable happens, Gizmo the Adorable Furry Gremlin spawns five Mischievous Razor-Toothed Gremlins, who live for destruction, and threaten to rip apart the most wonderful time of the year.

With snow in his hair, bells ringing in his ears, and a glint in his eye, he's Christmas incarnate.

Where to watch it: Rent on i Tunes, VUDU, and You Tube , mines writer Jean Shepherd's nostalgic tales of growing up in Indiana for goofy laughs, heartfelt moments, and bleak scares.

Though Jamie Lee Curtis, Ralph Bellamy, and Jim Belushi all appear, this is the Aykroyd and Murphy show, a schtick-filled, anarchic spectacle with two brilliant comics working at the peak of their powers.

is the reminder that those ups and downs of life can still warm us during the holidays.


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