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There are lots of advantages in use of plastics: very good hydraulics (low material roughness), no incrustation (no sediment / sludge influence on a pipe surface), tightness of connections, durable materials / long life of a system, chemical resistance, light weight, ease of installation.

To improve the interfacial interaction between the reinforcement and the pipe, polyethylene yarns were fabricated by a micro-braiding technique for use as the reinforcement.

This pipe showed excellent long-term creep strength compared with the PE80 gas pipe or pipes reinforced with other kinds of resin.

Also this paper give a short overview about the new Developments that have been made for the plastic pipe market: short or long cameras, Water jet cleaning equipment, air balloons to stop a flow in a pipe or a chamber, robots to repair small diameter pipes from the inside With detail designing & planning among pipeline engineers & designers, excellent coordination/cooperation between pipe producers and field installers and perfect execution, the MTD pipeline was completed on time and went on line during fourth quarter 2003.

It marked a paramount advancement for HDPE pipe and the completion of the largest PE100 project for smooth wall pressure pipe in North America – both in terms of continuous system length and pipe diameter.


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