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I gave them permission to ask me about it, and promised my honesty.It is helpful to have people in different stages of life who are willing to give you wisdom and wise counsel as you seek the Lord in your relationship. Pray for each other-I think you can begin praying for your boyfriend and future husband as early as you want.The only way to do this is for each of you individually having Christ the center of your own life.This means faithful time in His word, time in prayer, worship, rest, and staying connected to a group of other believers.Get yourself a devotional or Bible study-guide, and make it a point to unwrap the beauty of God’s word as a couple.Not only will this deepen your personal relationships, but it will always help you and your significant other grow closer to Christ.Because I have been in some really unhealthy, not pleasing to God relationships, and then I've done it the right way (or at least made a real effort!

If you both are doing this, I think it will overflow into your relationship. Know your intentions-I personally believe that dating was created for the intent to marry.I believe each couple is different, and that you need to spend time talking about the boundaries you each feel are necessary in your own relationship.Ronnie and I chose to not kiss before marriage, but I do not think that is necessarily the route every couple needs to go. Obviously, you want to set yourself up for success and avoid putting yourself in tempting situations. Have mentors and friends that pour into your life, and hold you accountable-When we first started dating, I was in a young women's bible study who I asked to hold me accountable to keeping our relationship pure.I don't think praying together at first is for everyone, but as your relationship grows and moves towards engagement/marriage, it may be something you want to start doing to prepare for marriage. When God Writes Your Love Story -Eric and Leslie Ludy 3.Here is a list of books that I absolutely loved and taught me a lot about dating, purity, and preparing for marriage as a dating gal. Devotionals for Couples - Samuel Adams and Ben Young 4.A few months ago, I talked about how I prayed for Ronnie and a little how to prayer guide for dating gals.


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