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There ARE, depending on how hard you look, all of this type of assistance out there, BUT, it may not be easy to find.

We’ll give you the information on how to go about finding it, but we can’t make any guarantees.

You may even need to actually ASK people in person. This article focuses on housing assistance and is applicable to single mothers (who often fall at the lower end of the income scale) BUT the information here applies just as well to any individual / household looking for housing assistance, such as senior citizens, disabled persons, low income households, single dads, etc.

In fact, every single one of these programs is general in nature and does NOT SPECIFICALLY TARGET WOMEN or SINGLE MOMS.

Ave Maria Singles is a safe haven for Catholic singles who realize that finding someone who believes 100% of what the Church teaches and desires to live it is no easy task.

There are federal, state, and local level aid programs you can seek out IF YOU CANNOT PAY YOUR RENT. These programs will help with some housing expenses, security deposits, and even with some of your rent.

Be prepared to pick up the phone start calling around.

In some cases, you may even need to actually visit a location to see what help is available.

Are you looking for Rent Assistance to help pay your rent?

Are have you lost your house (or in danger of losing your house) and you need some emergency shelter quickly while you figure your stuff out?


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